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Julius Caesar Study Questions - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 532 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/03/26 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Julius Caesar Essay Did you like this example? Act I 1. The point between the interchange with Marullus and the commoners is to show how devoted and blind the commoners can be, and explaining how easily people can be influenced. 2. Antony is into sports and Brutus isn’t, Brutus also seems sad and not happy with himself while Antony doesn’t. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Julius Caesar Study Questions" essay for you Create order 3. Cassius is manipulative, and well spoken. 4. The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves 5. Caesar seems to have a lot of pride in what he does and is skeptical for anyone that gets in the way of that. 6. He calls the populace tag rag but still wants to save them. 7. Hot and malleable, basically saying he can mold him into whatever Cassius pleases. 8. Foreshadowing or warning Caesar. 9. Casca is two faced. 10. Cassius says he will kill himself if Caesar becomes king, so he isn’t his slave. 11. Alchemy means changing lead to gold compared to Assassination which changes evil to good Act II 12. He tries expressing that it is the right thing to do and the killing is the only way. 13. He thinks the conspirators are acting in secret. 14. It is ironic because he believes killing Caesar is justice but killing Antony is just murder. 15. Portia cares deeply about her husband, and shows her concern for her husband. 16. He convince brutus what he is doing is acceptable. 17. Calpurnia’s talk with caesar made him change his mind about going for the moment. 18. How they are all in the car together. 19. Artemidorus scene is to warn Caesar. 20. Shows how Portia might have a clue about what is going on and the servant might do something to interfere. Act III 21. The purpose of the opening dialogue is to show that Artemidorus tries to protect Caesar with his letter but Cassius stops him and distracts Caesar with another matter. 22. Just before Caesar dies he says En tu, Brute meaning and you too Brutus, showing how Caesar trusted Brutus and how he betrayed him. 23. Brutus says it was a moral act and Cassius said it is a step towards a new government. 24. Cassius and Brutus approach Antony by saying they don’t wish to kill Antony and they feel pity for Caesar. Also they want to know if Antony is loyal to them. 25. Letting Antony speak at the funeral was a poor decision revealing he is bad at judging character. 26. When antony speaks to Brutus he makes sure to conceal his emotions so he could speak at the funeral. 27. Antony’s speech was more persuasive than Brutus’. 28. Antony uses persuasion and plays on the crowd’s emotions in his speech. 29. Cassius has underestimated the people, when he thought they would change over a dead body. Act IV 30. Antony has grown new seriousness and strength during this scene. 31. They are ruthless, greedy, and power hungry. As leaders they are worse than the conspirators. 32. Their quarrel shows the disintegration of the conspiracy. 33. The news of Portias death and its gruesome manner creates sympathy for for Brutus. 34. Brutus realizes that Cassius is flawed and that he himself has been misled by him. 35. Ghost were crowd-pleasers back in the day. It is vital because it links the murder of Caesar to Brutus and he will die.

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Interview Essay - John Tymkiw - 844 Words

Interview Essay - John Tymkiw John Tymkiw was born in the Ukraine on June 10, 1913. WWI broke out a year after he was born, and he lived through the Depression while Hitler and Stalin were fighting. When the Ukraine was signed over to Russian rule, many left, but John stayed and ran a cooperative association supply company. He came to America in 1951, through a sponsor in Chicago and then traveled to California in 1957. He was married in 1962, and had no children of his own, but had two-step children. He continued his life working in machinery and carpentry. He now lives alone in his condo in Laguna Woods, surrounded by his artwork and accomplishments. John defines happiness as a feeling that does not have anything to do with†¦show more content†¦As a child, John did not possess many material goods, which made him value them more properly. Also, when he was young, he was praised for his ability to fix things. He was very handy, and visitors would always praise him on all he could do. John finished 7th grade in Ukraine, then attended a University in Munich, Germany for two years, until the school closed due to a lack of funds. He continued school later and finished three semesters studying National Economics and Business Management. John had two brothers and two sisters. He said that his fondest memories are of sharing Christmas and Easter time with them. There are many things in his life that he is proud of, but most of all, he is proud of being able to manage a complex business under difficult circumstances without proper education. He is also proud of being able to learn how to create several different forms of art in such a short period of time. He mentions that he is proud of being a strong believer in Christianity. John believes that there is definitely a relationship between love and happiness. He left home at the age of seventeen, so his family did not contribute a lot to his happiness, but he says that his marriage definitely did. When asked, is it really better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, John replied that on one side, if you never loved, you never know if

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The Best Gift Ever Free Essays

I examined the fine metallic textures of it once again as it captivated me. It kept me pondering endlessly, and its uniqueness seemed to grow every time I glanced at it. It shone like an angel’s light as I fiddled with it about the sunlight that had already appeared before. We will write a custom essay sample on The Best Gift Ever or any similar topic only for you Order Now What could be more valuable about it? I wondered again. Just moments before, I had found this on my desk. It was a gift from my mother. But as attractive as it was, it seemed that the thought behind it was the source of its beauty. The day was passing by almost too quickly as I was enjoying the warm summer outdoors. But it was not just another day today, it was my birthday. Even though I sometimes do not think much about this day, a simple gift makes this day simply different from any other. I have always preferred something simple, whether giving or receiving a gift, simple always does it. I knew that I will be receiving something from my mother. Even if it wasn’t a new car topped with the world’s most expensive rims or James Bond’s Seiko watch, I would be fine with it. I don’t ask for much, I can appreciate whatever I get. When I came home in the afternoon, lying on my desk was a white box no more than three inches in length and width decorated with a very light emboss of abstract design. I opened it carefully and discovered a beautiful metal keychain positioned almost perfectly among the padding that prevented it from damage. The four corners that were slightly etched across in a curvy manner revealed to be the most reflective part that ran throughout the other side. My fingers traced across the finest engraving of Edwardian-script that spelt my name. I took the keychain into my own hands and studied it while it reflected the alluring sunlight that found its way through the windows. Thinking about this gift that my mother had given me invited a warm and heartfelt feeling that seemed to radiate throughout my entire body. The simple but extravagant design of this gift had more to offer than just itself, and the fact that the gift was meant for me stood out like a spotlight in a crowd, belonging to the rightful person. Me. It was as if my mother put her entire heart in the gift to ensure that the world knew it was mine. It could not mean any more than that. A gift just for me. I thanked her afterwards. It is the thought of the gift that counts. I never knew how a simple key chain could mean so much. It was not the beautiful glint, the soft but solid edges or the charming way it called my name that made it seem appealing alone, but rather that with the given meaning, it seemed to complement each other like the bright stars against the dark sky. The physical features of the gift could not solely match the thought of the gift itself, but could only praise it. The shiny metal keychain had satisfied my definition of a simple but meaningful gift. How to cite The Best Gift Ever, Papers

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Major Project Proposal free essay sample

Damage control Is the upcoming fourth studio album from the underground UK hip- hop entrepreneur, Flirty, which is to be released in 2013. His prior releases Include Third eye of the storm and Theory of Rhyme http://shop. Hall-focus. Com/category/ CDC. Alexander Flirty Whitehead has amalgamated deep conceptual theories with dominating mil presence to gain notable attention and respect within the underground UK hip hop scene, as well as merging a loyal following from his solo career (http://www. Warmongerings. Mom/2012/04/reviews/filmstrip-third-eye-of-the- storm).Filmstrip has also gained popularity from being the founder and owner of the independent record label, High Focus Records, which is described as the power house (http://www. Undergrounds. Com/news/full/3/UGH_Presents:AAAigh_Focus) of underground UK Hip Hop. Multiple accolades were awarded to High Focus Records by the reputable Knowledge magazine where they won 3 out of 10 of the top 10 Best UK Hip-Hop albums of 2011 (http://www. We will write a custom essay sample on Major Project Proposal or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page kmGammacoCoukUKdDaltoneatures/l()- best-ukUKlhelpop-albums-of-2011 . tmHTMLThis enforces the fact that they are fast becoming one of the most established Independent record labels In the UK Hip-Hop to date.FlFilmstripCD sales from his previous albums indicate that his popularity has increased with each album he has made. His first album Force Fed Imagery, released in 2007, sold over 800 copies. His second album Theory of Rhyme, released in 2010, sold over 900 copies. His third album, released earlier this year, Third eye of the Storm, has already sold 672 CD albums, 759 digital albums and 654 digital singles. Looking at hehoseigures, it is very clear that the expectations for his next album release are very high.MARKETING PLAN We have devised a marketing plan that will compliment the needs of his loyal fan base and potential new listeners; increase his popularity and ultimately augmenting the sales. The target audience of our campaign Is aimed at 16 to 30 years old who are interested in U. K. hiHipop or those who like all kinds of music. It is a twelve month long campaign divided in three phases. The first phase would start at the same time as the production of the album and howoulde approximately eight months long depending on the progress of the production.During this time, we will be focusing on creating an online presence via social media websites, developing a personal relationship with fans, providing updates and weekly newsletters. When the album has been completed, we will start the two month long second phase where we will be making the preparations for the release this will include creating the artwork, choosing a flagship single, creating a press kit, announcing a release date and creating a viral strategy using material that onnonusersould enjoy sharing.For our final phase, we will be promoting the album to different media and finally launch the album. We are going to start by looking at the research we have done in order to build our about the financial aspect of the campaign. Finally, we will end with a S. W. O. T. anAnalysisf the whole project. Research Our marketing strategy is based on promotional techniques used by different hip- hop artists. Social media websites are crucial in promoting nowadays. Almost all artists, from EmMinehttp://www. emMinecoCom to DiDizziedascal (http:// wmhemisphericalo. Ok/K, keep their websites up to date with news and regularly upload videos to YoYouthhttp://www. yoYouthcoComrtist/emMine(http:// www. yoYouthcoComser/DiDissocializedin order to have continuous interaction with the audience. FlFilmstripromotion plan will not be the exception; will be using Mobile Backstage which is a platform developed by Steam Republic that will connect FlFilmstripsan communities allowing users to interact directly with him,exchange information, buy or stream music and find tickets to gigs (www. moInevitabilitiescoComOther promotional techniques we are using are quite ommoonut effective, such as creating flyers, merchandising or creating a press kit. One of the ideas that stand out the most is creating a buzz around the name of the album DAMAGE CONTROL where we will be uploading a series of controversial pictures to the social networks that will intrigue and attract public. Regular tweets asking where or what we should damage control, will engage the existing commun ity in a constant dialogue, we will also ask them to create their own meme about damage control and encourage followers to share their memesspictures and thoughts. Once we have delivered the message, we will make all content available to the public this will create new self-generated cocontendrom which we will measure the cocommunitysnvolvement and interests. We were inspired by Jay ZGslbum Watch the Throne where he created an increasing interest and speculation into a new album without announcing a release date six month prior to its release which demonstrated that secrecy is an important factor when launching a new product.

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Origins Essays - Creationism, Denialism, Creation Myths,

Origins Adam Dill Origins Creationism vs. Evolution, the argument disputed by more scientists, more paleontologists and more everyday people than probably any other argument since the dawn of man. Who is right? Do the theories and evidence of evolutionists have the right answers or do the faith and facts of creationists hold the answers? What is creationism? ?Creationism? is the idea that all forms of life, and particularly humans, were independently created by a willful act on the part of God or a deity. What's wrong with creationism? That depends on what form of creationism you are referring to. There are several forms of creationism that all differ from one another. None are really scientific, though not all are unscientific to the same degree. ?Old earth creationism? holds that the earth was created a very long time ago and populated with life more-or-less shown in fossil records. However, new species of organisms were created one-by-one over all that time, each the result of a separate creative act by the Deity. This theory is not scientific, because it cannot be falsified; any evidence can be made to fit into it. ?Sequential creationism? says that the earth is old, and the major groups of fossils do reflect organisms living at different times in earth's history. However, the major mass extinction represent time s when all living things were destroyed, and then the earth was repopulated by a new creative act. The last extinction happened recently, after which the current animals and humans were created, but this isn't scientific either. Sequential creationism simply doesn't agree with the evidence. None of these mass extinction's wiped out all life. In many cases, we find the same species of organisms both before and after the extinctions. ?Day-age creationism? says that the book of Genesis is accurate in describing the order of creation, but that each ?day? in Genesis actually represents a long period of real time. This position also runs out of evidence, primarily because the order of creation as given in Genesis doesn't agree with the order as shown in fossil records. Of all the different forms of creationism ?young-earth creationism? is the worst. This is the position that most of the politically active creationists hold. Young-earth creationists demand a literal reading of Genesis. The y insist that the earth is less than ten thousand years old; that it and all life were created in just six twenty-four-hour days; and that the entire fossil record is a result of Noah's flood. Other forms of creationism are simply different interpretations of the known geological and fossil evidence. Only young-earth creationism requires its believers to either reject or rewrite most of the hard sciences. Atomic physics, astrophysics, most of geology, most of paleontology, much of biology and nearly all of genetics would have to be torn down for young-earth creationism to be true. If this were true then all the fossil evidence, researchers, scientists and many others supporting evolution are not only wrong, but also have wasted centuries of time and research. There are absolute arguments to disprove the theories of evolution. The first being that evolution cannot take place unless random mutations occur, but in the case of advanced animal defense mechanisms, random mutation cannot produce them. An example of this would be a particular beetle called the bombardier beetle. This particular beetle houses two chemical tanks in its body which are used for the purpose of self-defense. When a predator attacks the beetle, the two different chemicals in the tanks are sprayed out from the beetle. They combine in the air and create a hot chemical explosion in the face of the predator insuring the beetle's survival. According to evolution when the very first mutation appeared and the chemical tanks were just beginning to form but were not yet functional, they would not provide any survival benefit to the beetle. It would take many thousands of mutations over millions of years to produce the end mechanism, but since mutations are random, they could never follow a pattern to produce an end result, especially since the mechanism would not provide any survival advantage until it was fully developed. Evolution just simply cannot work! A current modernized example would be like copying

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A level biology essays

A level biology essays Research was carried out to investigate the effect of the direction of incident light on the behavioural response of Calliphora larvae. They were centrally placed onto a piece of white paper marked with positive, negative and neutral in a circular chart. White light was shone onto the maggot from one direction and the subsequent direction and speed of movement was measured. Results suggest that the directional movement of the Calliphora is influenced by the angle of light and that the maggots showed negative phototaxis behaviour. This supports work which was carried out by previous researchers. This response of moving away from the incident light may offer the Calliphora larvae increased chance of survival. Larvae of the Calliphora species demonstrated negative phototaxis when illuminated with incident light radiation. Taxis is an orientation movement towards or away from a light stimulus. Negative phototaxis is the movement away from a light stimulus. In this investigation the maggots were kept in the same conditions and were placed individually into the experimental area. The maggots were then illuminated in light from only one direction and there response was observed. The vast majority of the maggots (80%) moved away from the light, exhibiting negative phototaxis behaviour. Calliphora larvae have a limited protection from UV radiation, the negative phototaxis behaviour shown will take them away from the harmful radiation will improve their chance of survival. After my preliminary work I found a few problems which would cause my investigation to not be as accurate as possible. These problems are: The investigation in my plan was only measuring the rate of movement for the maggot. From my preliminary work I found that this wasnt enough to get the results as accurate as I wanted them, I would now like to introduce a new criteria then I will be measuring, this is the direction of the maggot moves in re...

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Prison life and strategies (proposal) Research Paper

Prison life and strategies (proposal) - Research Paper Example prisons have long been a fixture of the American criminal justice system, so-called for profit prisons are a relatively new construct that have begun to have a profound affect on the way that the criminal justice system operates. For instance, whereas a state-run prison facility may have very stringent code of ethics with regards to the prison guards that serve it, a for profit prison is likely to have a much more lax interpretation of such statutes and practices. Furthermore, where the state prison is concerning with rehabilitating and re-introducing the prisoner into the civilian population as a means to better society through the correctional action that has been effected, the for profit prison systems have no such interest and actually gain a high degree of revenue through an increased rate of recidivism. As such, the purpose of this brief research paper will be to review the problems associated with the increased levels of for profit prisons within the United States as well as t o offer key insights and solutions that may help to ameliorate these